An interesting conversation has started at Rollo Tomassi’s The Rational Male and it got me thinking about women in the future.  All over the manosphere one sees the lament of the disappearing feminine woman.  Rollo had this to say:

[M]y fear is that the prevalent, feminized model of the SMP, combined with increasing obesity rates and fat acceptance (another feminized attempt at redefining SMV) social conventions will marginalize ‘traditionally’ feminine women to such a degree that those traditional behaviors and mental schemas will be practically nonexistent in 2-3 more generations.

One sees some families making attempts at a return to traditional roles and I believe the number of these families is rapidly increasing (I observe this often at homeschool conventions I have attended, though obviously this is anecdotal).  However, is this enough?  Can feminism adjust women’s (and men’s) thinking so much that feminine women will become obsolete?

I can see this playing out in two ways.  The first is that, since feminine women tend to be the most sought after for marriage material, could other women see this and desire to become like this in an effort to emulate their success?  This makes sense on face value, but most feminine women by their very nature are quiet and fairly unassuming.  They may get attention from men, but it is not outright noisy attention.  It is a quiet respect.  Unfortunately, it is this noisy attention that most women crave and it is not until it is too late do the realize the value of the quiet respect that will last a lifetime for the feminine.  When young, it is also very easy to dismiss the attention a feminine woman gets because the hamster like to describe these women as weak, doormats, and, the worst sin of all . . . submissive.

The second thing I see as a possibility is that in the never ending quest for attention and validation the feminine women, unable to compete will wither away.  They may follow the ever beckoning herd to do all the things that tear away that femininity a bit at a time,

“Have a piece of cake, one piece (everyday?) won’t hurt you.”

“You need to cut your hair!  You will look so cute!”

“Can’t your man take care of himself or does he need to be taken care of like a child?!”

“Do you eat?!”

You get the point and I know there are many, many more.  So, what is the fate of the feminine woman?  Will other feminine women and the men who love and desire them be able to prop them up or will they die away another victim of feminism.  (And if this does happen, what will be the fate of the men who love them?)

*Note:  This is all assuming things go on as they are.  I tend to think that with the continued shrinking of our economy that women will be involved in far more traditional roles whether or not they wish to be.