Elspeth sent me this award and I am incredibly grateful!  

She has asked her nominations to post 7 random things about themselves.  This is surprisingly hard to do.

1.  I was a pretty good athlete and singer in high school.  I didn’t much care for school and these two things (and band.  I played the french horn) really helped the 4 years to pass much easier for me.

2.  I met my husband at a party in college where he made a heck of an impression on me.  A year later, purely by chance, we ended up being RA’s in the same building.

3.  I wish I was more like I am online in real life.  Alas, real life has no delete button.

4.  I messed my knee up in high school trying to snowboard with ski boots on.  Not too bright.

5.  I”m a country girl and cities freak me out.

6.  I was a huge tomboy as a child.  I remember thinking that one day I would wake up with boy parts (we’re talking very young here) and I had mixed feelings about this.

7.  I actually have met another woman who thinks much like I do in the wild.  I was pleasantly shocked.

I’m not sure who else to nominate other than TempestTCup.  As far as I can tell, everyone else I read has deservedly received it! So, I nominate you Tempest.  How about just 7 random facts about yourself?  I can’t come up with any interesting questions to ask.  I guess a random fact #8 would be that I am terrible at things like this.

Thanks so much, Elspeth.  I very much appreciate the kind words and the award!