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Submission.  This is probably one of the more feared and hated words in the female lexicon.  It brings up feelings of being weak, unintelligent, indecisive, oppressed, without value, and meek.    And yet, for those of us who have taken this course in our marriages, the word that I see most often is free.

So many women who have decided to tell their story feel a strong sense of freedom.  Why?  Because, at last, we are free to be feminine.  We are free to be women, not quasi men.  So I invite my commenters and readers to tell their story.  If you’ve decided to be submissive, what has it done for your life and for your marriage?  How has it affected your husband?

I would also invite the men to tell their story.  No, it wouldn’t be the same as the roads are different.  But if you started out on the route society meant for you then you were taught to be quasi female.  On your journey back to manhood, what has it done for your life and your marriage?  How has it affected your wife?

My story isn’t much different than most women.  I tried to follow the path society wanted me to follow.  I was discontent.  I was flustered and often an emotional mess.  I would try to lead as I thought I was supposed to, only to be be shut down (thankfully).  While this made me very happy with my husband, I was in turmoil in my head.  I could never let myself settle in because what I was taught and what I wanted were in opposition. Finally, one day, I realized that this was mostly because, more than anything else, I discovered what I wanted was to be right.  I loved my husband, but I was more concerned with this idea of winning.  It was then that I learned to finally, just let go.  I don’t need to win nor do I want to, because that is only about me.  I am a married woman and since I said my vows, my life should have no longer been about me.  It’s about us.  My question now isn’t, how do I win this argument, but how can I love him?

Thank you bloggers of the sphere.  You have taught me invaluable lessons, for which I will be eternally grateful.

*** If you’ve never commented, please don’t be shy.  I would love to hear from you.